Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Letter I Wanted To Write

Is it too much to ask for a break? Can I get some privacy? I don’t want to be near you; all I feel from you is judgment and hatred, even though you claim love.

If you love me, why does it hurt so much when you reject me? How can you claim acceptance while censoring me? How can you be on “my side” when I don’t have a side? I JUST AM. There is no “my side.” There’s just me. Do you love it, or not?

When you say you’re in no place to judge but act on your ideas of right and wrong anyway, how the fuck am I supposed to understand that? Don’t blame “the Bible” for how you’re treating me. Take responsibility for your actions. Make your actions match your words. I desperately want to believe that you love me, because you say you do and I love you so much, but I don’t see love here.

It’s Easter. Of course this would happen on a holiday that showcases forgiveness. Should I forgive you? I want you to see how you’ve hurt me, but all you see is your own righteousness. Listen to me.

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